"You Don't Say?"
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 6/15
Episode Chronology
Previous "Skeletons in the Closet"
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This is the sixth episode of Survivor: Burma.

Previously on Survivor

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Reward/Immunity Challenge: Tug-of-War
On one-on-one showdowns, tribe members must drag their opponents to their end zone. First tribe to three points wins immunity.
Reward: A feast of pizza, hotdogs and soda to be enjoyed while listening to the other tribe's Tribal Council, whre they will witness who will be voted out from their tribe.
Winner: Nagar
Temptation Reward: A brand-new 2013 Ford Focus ST or an advantage for the next Immunity Challenge (not stating if the clue is for a tribal or individual immunity).
Consequence: Player may only choose one or the other.


Night 14

As the Sar Mayee tribe returns to camp after voting out newcomer Xavier, Tina comes after Molly, who is about to sleep.

Quote1You should have left before Xavier.You don't deserve to be here.Quote2- Tina
Quote1Oh please. I'm done talking to you for today? Can we deal with this tomorrow? I'm sleepy?Quote2- Molly
Quote1Your parents must've reared you to become this prissy little brat that you are.Quote2- Tina
Quote1What?! Don't you dare bring up my parents You don't know who they are! You don't know who I am!Quote2- Molly
Quote1You won't act this wa-Quote2- Tina
Quote1Get the f*** out of my face! No wonder Cirie got rid of you first, because you're so full of yourself!Quote2- Molly
Quote1Whoa, easy ladies. We're just stressed because we're losing bad right now. Just call this a night, shall we?Quote2- Danny
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Tina
Quote1Whatever.Quote2- Molly
Tina and Molly are really really mutually hostile toward each other. You can tell. Tina had this alliance going from the start, but once Molly started fighting back, Tina went for the jugular. Crazy. Who should we keep? Tina, who worked her butt off at camp, or Molly who gave us leverage? As long's it's not me, I'm good with it.


Day 15

Early morning at both camps, Tree Mail is delivered, notifying them that the next challenge will be for reward and Immunity. The note states that they must sit one member from the rival tribe. This person will not participate in the challenge, and by doing so, they will be sent to Exile Island after the challenge. Furthermore, whoever they send to Exile Island will be immune and will return to their respective tribes at Tribal Council. Nagar chooses Danny, while Sar Mayee chooses Nigel. Also, Due to the distribution of men and women, Nagar must bench one more male member. Nagar picks Marshall. When the tribes assemble for their next challenge, Donna and Nigel are shocked and happy seeing that Sar Mayee has voted Xavier out of the game.

With their strongest member forced to not participate, Sar Mayee is at a clear disadvantage. At the first round, Francesca puts up a great fight, but Jolanda manages to carry Francesca toward Nagar's finish mat, winning the first point to Nagar. At the second round, Zach and Kyle duke it out, but Kyle again makes another underhanded move by throwing him like a sandbag. Jeff warns Kyle for his foul play. Jeff calls the challenge back on, while Conway and Molly contact Kendra, telling her that Kyle must go at their next Tribal Council. Unknown to them, Danny spots them talking. Back at the challenge, Zach prevails over Kyle by dragging his legs toward Sar Mayee's finish mat, winning the first point for Sar Mayee. Sar Mayee's losing streak continues, as Conway is mercilessly dragged by Rashad to Nagar's finish mat, while Kendra's strength overpowers Molly, which is why Tina and Donna's match is no longer needed. After a 3-1 score, Nagar wins their third Immunity Challenge in a row, sending the dwindling Sar Mayee tribe back to Tribal Council. Before the tribes part ways, Nigel and Danny are transported to Exile Island via motorboat.

Arriving on Exile Island, Nigel introduces to Danny the basics of Exile, including the Temptation Reward. As the two reach te hut, they are welcomed by the familiar bags with rock in it. Nigel once again takes the rock and faces temptation. Nigel realizes it arguably the biggest Temptation Reward yet. A map leads Nigel and Danny to a secret location where a 2012 Ford Focus ST is waiting. A note on the windshield says he may pick the car or a clue to win the next Immunity Challenge. With the note not saying if the next Immunity Challenge is for tribal or an individual (which would imply a merge), Nigel is visibly torn. After half an hour of critical thinking, Nigel takes the car for the sake of his family. Seeing Nigel's noble act, Danny applauds him, and swears not to tell he took the vehicle.

An escaped criminal I arrested prior to the show burned our house down, including our family car. But with immunity on the line, I just get agitated. I'm doing this for my family. I guess I'll have to take the car, because I have to think realistically. There is a chance that I might not win this game, and might not be able to buy a new car anytime soon.

–Nigel, on taking the Temptation Reward.

At Sar Mayee, Molly approaches Tina for a talk as soon as they reach camp.

Quote1Tina, I am so sorry for lashing like that. I know how it feels like to lose people in your life.Quote2- Molly
Quote1I completely understand, Molly. Do you mind if you tell me your story?Quote2- Tina
Quote1Well, I was adopted. I was taken care of in an orphanage until my the people I consider as parents adopted me. I feel so angry and sad why my real parents left me, and I took it out on my foster parents. I graduated from college, and wanted to take up law, but we don't have the funds to do so. Ironically, I became a librarian at a law school. The students are probably pissed at me for being such a bitchy bookkeeper, but I hope after watching this, they see where I'm coming from.Quote2- Molly
Quote1It's okay, dear. Let it out. One thing I got from the three days I had on Panama was that, life is so short to get angry all the time.Quote2- Tina
Quote1Thank you, and I love you.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Likewise.Quote2- Tina
This is when the game gets tricky. Tina and I hated each other, but after our pep talk, it's hard to vote her off. But she's a mother, she has extra somethings that I don't have, so she's a definite threat at this point. It's like, I both have reason why she should be staying and why she has to go. If she needs to win, so do I.


Day 16

Morning at Sar Mayee, Conway, Zach and Molly are sitting by the beach while the others are still sleeping. Molly reveals her pep talk with Tina, stating that her compassion makes the lumberjll a bigger threat. Conway states it would be evil for Molly to vote Tina out, but Molly replies that it is necessary to start voting the big guns out of the game.

Quote1So it's Tina tomorrow?Quote2- Conway
Quote1You don't say! I just had a talk with Tina yesterday.Quote2- Molly (mimics the meme of the same name)
Quote1What of it disturbs you then?Quote2- Conway
Quote1I have more reasons to vote Tina out. Now we're in a midpoint, it's crucial to start getting rid of the muscles. If these punks hoard challenge wins, our alliance with Kendra and the others are toast.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Well, why Tina? Francesca's mouth works for her, and we can't vote for Danny.Quote2- Zach
Quote1Look at Tina's background. Her son died, she's well off, but she's likable. If we vote Fran tomorrow, Danny's gonna suspect something's fishy. We have no choice, it's Tina who should be going tomorrow.Quote2- Molly

Meanwhile, Tina wakes up seeing Molly talking to Conway and Zach. Tina makes a strategy talk on her own by talking to Francesca, the only other former contestant at Sar Mayee. Tina states that Molly will tear the tribe apart with her bitch fits. Francesca halfheartedly agrees, saying to her that Molly's pugnacious personality is a perfect reason to bring her to the Final Tribal Council, though she warns her that Molly plays the game hard, and might use her aggressive side to collect jury votes, so taking her to the end might not be wise.

Maybe Tina's right; Molly's playing an aggressive game play. Like, she's using her rudeness as a front to get her by, but when she's in front of the jury, she may work a jury over her favor.


At Nagar, Kendra cooks up a new Nagar delicacy - grilled bananas. Letting the bananas cook over live, hot coals. The tribe wakes up to smell of the ripe bananas and joyously have their breakfast.

These challenge wins really give us good vibes. We hope to continue winning these challenges so Conway, Zach and Molly get rid of Fran and Danny. Nevertheless the mood here at Nagar is so calming, like, me, Donna or Rashad barely even talk strategy.


On Exile Island, Danny and Nigel talk strategy. Being allies since the beginning at the old Nagar tribe, the two develop a mutual trust. Danny states that though there is an alliance going between Francesca, Molly, Conway and Zach, he tattles that he noticed Molly talking to Kendra at the challenge. Nigel brings up the Hidden Immunity Idols. Nigel speculates the Nagar and Sar Mayee idols have been found. Danny assumes that if they merge, they will migrate at the former Magan camp; and with the possibility of the Magan idol still hidden there. Danny states that once they merge, he will try to find the Magan idol; but unknown to them, all three idols have been found (Conway has the Magan idol, Molly has the Sar Mayee idol, while Kendra found the Nagar idol after Magan's dissolution).

It will be a total nightmare if all three idols have been found. But for now, Nigel and I are hoping the Magan idol is stil out there.


Day 17

At Tribal Council, Sar Mayee goes to Tribal Council, following Nagar who will observe them while enjoying their reward. Nigel and Danny then come in to reunite with their tribes. The whole Sar Mayee tribe looks away from the jury bench to not feel jealous of Nagar feasting over pizza and hotdogs. Jeff asks why the tribe became unsuccessful. Tina explains there is a division between the tribe, starting from the former Sar Mayees and the newcomers from the other tribes. Molly rebuts that she was shunned early by the original Sar Mayee tribe, and she was just doing what she needed to do to outlast them. During the conversation, Molly and Tina hug each other to officially end their conflict. But being the only outsider from the majority alliance, Tina is sent home unanimously, 5-1.

As Tina walks away, Jeff explains the reason why Nagar is present at Tribal Council. Jeff instructs the tribe to drop their buffs because they are officially merged. As the new tribe dons their new blue buffs, Jeff announces that they will permanently move the old Magan camp, and all the supplies they have at the former Nagar and Sar Mayee camps will be relocated. Furthermore, Jeff notes that if Magan's idol was never found during the Magan tribe's existence, it is still hidden at the place where it was originally planted (and if the Nagar and Sar Mayee idols are still not found, they will be planted at their new camp as well). Before heading out Rashad proposes a new tribe name, Galone, the Burmese name of the Garuda. The tribe agrees, and the new Galone tribe heads to their camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Sar Mayee
Tina (5 votes)
Conway, Danny, Francesca, Molly, & Zach
Molly (1 vote)
Tina Scheer

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Kyle's arrogance continues.
  • With the Three Tribes Alliance together at last, will they start making damage, or will Danny and Nigel convince Donna to usurp it?

Author's Notes

  • "Banana cue" is also a Filipino delicacy. Unripe bananas are drenched in brown sugar, to be fried or grilled.

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