"You Just Got Schooled"
Season Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 13/13
Date Uploaded March 3, 2013
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You Just Got Schooled is the Season Finale of Survivor: Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School.

Previously on Survivor...

36 Days Ago...

16 All-Stars arrived in Arabia for the adventure of a life time.

They were split into two opposing tribes, the Old School tribe "Wahid," whose members appeared in the original twelve seasons of Survivor, while the New School "Ishrin," tribe's members competed in the latter half of the seasons.

From the very beginning alliances at Ishrin began to form Brett, Monica, Spencer, & Sydney formed a four person alliance to dominate the game.

However, they were the only things on Ishrin that were dominating, as Ishrin lost the first four immunity challenges along the way, and despite their minor disputes, the Ishrin four held together sending Tracy, Colton, Adam, & Christina home.

On Day 15, however the tides began to turn at Wahid. As the women began to question John's leadership authority so Deena rallied Gina, Kelly, Brandon, and the ousider Penny to get rid of John, however Brandon told the men about the plan to blindside John, thus sending Deena and Gina into a whirlwind. They became so angry at Brandon (and Kelly by proxy) that Brandon and Kelly turned against them, and voted Gina out.

On Day 22 the tribes merged, and despite cracks within the Wahid tribe they held strong sending both Brett and Sydney packing.

However, things began to shift when Spencer's friendship with Kelly became the basis of an alliance. The three of them plus outsiders Deena and Penny rallied together to send the ringmaster of Wahid, Jeff home. And his puppet Brandon quickly followed.

Though the alliance appeared strong both Spencer & Monica, and Deena & Penny began vying for Gervase and Kelly to turn against the other pair, leading to the first tie of the season. In the end Gervase and Kelly sided with Spencer and Monica, sending Penny home.

Last time on Survivor,

Despite their disagreements about the last vote Deena and Gervase stuck together in hopes of turning Kelly against Monica. While Monica and Spencer did all that they could to ensure Kelly would stick with them. Including Monica bringing Kelly on reward with here where they made a final two deal, thus excluding Spencer from the deal.Back at camp, Gervase attempted to turn Monica against Kelly as well, while Deena hung tight. At the Immunity Challenge, Kelly secured her first individual win. Back at Camp, Gervase's lies grew bigger and bigger, all leading up to when Monica and Kelly compared notes, busting Gervase on his game. At Tribal Council, Gervase's scheming cost him the game, and he became the fifth member of the jury. Now only four remain,

Deena - The strong, athletic alpha-female who quickly took control of the Wahid camp, however became an outsider at the merge when Varner turned the tables on her, and after a breif reign of control was on the outside to the alliance of Kelly, Monica, & Spencer. Can Deena penetrate the alliance in order to get to the end, or will she be the alliance's final victim?

Kelly - The snarky swing vote throughout the entire game. Kelly formed her game around doing what she wanted, instead of people telling her what to do. She was the key vote in eliminating Varner from the game, and has since teamed up with Monica & Spencer. Will Kelly's do what I want attitude carry her to the very end, or will it cost her the game?

Monica - The cunning strategist who orchestrated the Ishrin four. Monica is known for playing a very individual game, as opposed to playing the game for the good of the alliance. Will Monica's self-centered strategy take her to the very end, or will she  be percieved as too threatening to face in the end?

Spencer - The "nice guy" and super fan, who made his way to the end by forging friendships first, and alliances second. His friendly attitude and charm have gotten him to the final four. Will Spencer's friendships take him to the very end, or will making too many friendships cost him the game?

Tonight they will compete in their final immunity challenges, only two will move on to face the jury. Who will Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast all the others to become the Sole Survivor?


Day 37 Immunity Challenge: Tribal Draft
Arabian trivia. One point per correct answer, first to five wins.
Winner: Deena

Day 38 Immunity Challenge : Hand on a Hard Idol
Each tribe member held on to the immunity idol while standing on a small pedestal. The person who lasts the longest wins Immunity.
Winner: Kelly


Day 37

Deena Bennett woke up at the crack of dawn and began attending to work around the camp. Despite thinking she'd reduce the amount of work she does at camp, she realized the work helped her ease the anxioety she had with the home stretch of the game ahead of her. She was one woman on the outside of a tight alliance of three, and she knew it was going to be a long road to the top.

Well, I'm back on the outside. It's nothing new really, but what is new is I'm the only person left in this game that's not in the alliance, so I really have nowhere to hide at this point.

–Deena Bennett

Deena tended to the fire, and began to poil a pot of water while she waited for the rest of her tribe to awake. She had a lot of talking to do today, because if Day 37 was Deena's last day, she was going to make sure that she did everything she could to prevent it from happening.

I see cracks in the alliance. They've been there, and they're only getting bigger, exploting those cracks is the only thing I can do besides win immunity today.

–Deena Bennett

Kelly Goldsmith soon awoke and joined Deena on the log. Deena let out a faint smile, but one that almost seemed defeated. Kelly could tell that Deena knew that she was most likely going to be going home today, but she was willing to hear Deena out.

"Good morning," Deena said sweetly as could be.

"Hey, how are you holding up?" Kelly asked cordially.

"I'm doing alright, everything's so frivelous no, being so close to the end you know?" Deena asked.

"I hear ya," Kelly said in agreement.

"Thanks so much for filling me in about the vote last night, I really appriciate not being on the outside," Deena said.

"Oh, it's no problem, I wish you'd of voted with us though, I'm sure it would've made today a bit easier on you," Kelly advised.

"Nah," Deena said shaking her head. "You three are tight, it didn't matter whether I voted for Gervase or not, I just voted my conscience," Deena said smiling. "Although, it's not too late you know?"

"Are you prepared to make an offer?" Kelly said raising an eyebrow.

"You and me to the end," Deena said frankly. "Honestly, I don't think we stand a chance against either of those two."

"Monica first?" Kelly asked reassuringly.

"Monica, then Spencer," Deena said smirking. "We both vote Monica, you can lose the last immunity if you need to, I'll take Spencer out, or get voted out trying," Deena said smiling.

"I'm down for that," Kelly said shaking Deena's hand.

Ideally, Monica, Spencer, and I would go to the final three and be best friends forever, but realistically, I honestly just don't know if I can trust Spencer to take me over Monica.

–Kelly Goldsmith

This morning was really surprising. I had no idea how apprehensive Kelly was to make a deal with me. I think the pressure of losing to Monica finally sunk in.

–Deena Bennett

After they had struck a deal the two woman spoke for quite sometime until Spencer and Monica awoke and joined them at the fire. Tension was mounting, all of them could feel it. One of these four was going to be a million dollars richer in just three short days.

"I'm going to go check treemail, Kelly you wanna come witih?" Spencer asked.

"Sure honeycheeks," Kelly said cynically.

The two shared a laugh and began walking into the Arabian Wilderness towards treemail.

"So you need to give me the low down on what's going to go on the next few days, because I'm really apprehensive about the whole thing," Kelly said nervously.

"Tell me your problems, child," Spencer said laughing.

"It's really this whole final three thing," Kelly said nervously. "I mean, everyone keeps telling me you're going to take Monica over me, not just one person Spencer the past three or four people who left this game all told me that," Kelly said exhaling.

"I've never seen you this paranoid," Spencer said laughing.

"I don't know how you're so calm about the whole thing, there's a million dollars at stake," Kelly said cynically.

"I mean, it's not like I'm garunteed to win the final immunity challenge, you girls could end up deciding your own destiny," Spencer said.

Kelly put her hand on her hip and raised her eyebrow.

"You beat me yesterday, didn't you?" Spencer asked.

"I highly doubt the final immunity challenge is going to be a puzzle," Kelly said rolling her eyes.

"Trust me, I have your back Kells, you and me in the end, it'll be Old School vs. New School right down to the very end," Spencer said grinning.

"Are you gonna cry when I beat you though, that's my real concern Spencer," Kelly said giggling.

"As if, when I win my million dollar check, I'm gonna look straight at you and be like You Just Got Schooled! It's gonna be so epic," Spencer said laughing.

"I look forward to watching you embaress yourself on national televison then," Kelly said sarcastically.

"Kind of like what you've done all season?" Spencer said taking a jab at her.

"I'm voting you off," Kelly said bluntly.

"Bring it," Spencer said.

It's getting down to the wire. What I'm focused on is just making sure my friends stay my friends just a little while longer, I'm so close to the end I'd hate to have everything slip through my fingers.

–Spencer Duhm

I have so much fun with Spencer everytime I talk with him, but I keep thinking is Spencer really going to take me to the end just because we have fun together? I honestly don't know. I'm not even sure if Spencer knows.

–Kelly Goldsmith

They then arrived at treemail, where they saw in front of them a huge feast. Pancake batter, bacon, eggs, sausage, vegitables, fruit, and champaign and glasses for them to toast to their accomplishments.

"You guys," Spencer yelled as loud as he could. "We have food!"

Just like that Deena and Monica sprinted through the woods where they feasted their eyes upon the feast sitting next to the treemail box.

"Let's get this stuff back to camp and eat, I'm starving," Monica said eagerly.

"This is going to be much better than boiled camp water," Deena said laughing.

Deena took out the pancake batter and began preparing pancakes for everyone. After everyone had two, they began putting bacon on the griddles and popping champaign for the four of them to toast to their accomplishment.

"Well ladies, this has been an awesome game, and I know a lot of guys would appriciate being here with three beautiful women a lot more than I would, but I couldn't think of a better group of people to share these last few days with, and my the best man or woman win," Spencer said grinning.


The four of them scarfed down the food as much as they could until their bellies were content.

"That was a great way to begin the day," Spencer said smiling.

"If that's my last supper, than it was a damn good one," Deena said grinning.

"Aw Deena, don't say that, you're a force to be reckoned with in these challenges, if someone was gonna start and upset, I'd put my money on you," Monica said sweetly.

"Thank you guys, well I'm gonna go for a walk on the beach, I'll let you three hash everything out, play nice kids," Deena said as she left the campfire.

I feel so bad seeing Deena discouraged like this. She's been such a competitor all season long it seems like she's kind of losing her fight, but it could all be an act. There's a whole lot of game still left to be played.

–Monica Padilla

"Well ladies," Spencer said giggling.

"I seriously cannot believe we're here," Monica said smiling.

"I really hope we can just bring it home today guys, we can have this whole freaking island to ourselves," Spencer said laying back on the log.

"I just love that the three people nobody thought would win this game, could be the only three people left in the game if everything goes well tonight," Monica said growing more and more eager with every sentance.

Kelly Goldsmith sat and smiled while Spencer and Monica grew more and more eager about the prospects of the final three.

"I'm just looking forward to talking to Varner again," Kelly said giggling.

"Kelly's crushing on him like hardcore," Spencer said trying to stifle his laughter.

"They totally have a love/hate relationship going on, it's adorable Kelly, absolutely adorable," Monica said facitiously.

"His wrinkles just get me hot," Kelly said pretending to be serious. "I think I'm gonna go take a stroll to compose myself," Kelly said laughing.

Spencer and Monica continued to laugh until Kelly was out of sight.

"Be honest with me Spence," Monica said getting down to buisness.

"Always will be," Spencer said smiling.

"If we get to three, and you win immunity, are you going to vote Kelly out?" Monica asked.

"Absolutely," Spencer said keeping the smile on his face. "And you will do the same?"

"Of course," Monica said returning a smile.

"My biggest fear, is just that we end up going against an Old School player, and they vote for them just out of spite," Monica said nervously.

"You think the jury would do that?" Spencer asked.

"I don't know, just thinking out loud, that's all," Monica said pondering this.

I'm doing whatever I can to help Spencer see that when the time comes it'd be best to just get rid of Kelly. I know he's still indecisive, so I'm doing whatever it takes.

–Monica Padilla

I feel bad about having to constantly reassure both girls that they're safe, knowing that it's really likely that one of them is going to get burnt by the end of this, but I have to do it if I want to get to the end, and I've worked way too damn hard to fall short.

–Spencer Duhm

Kelly soon came back with Tree Mail, they waited until Deena came back from her walk to read it out loud.

"It says that we need to pack our stuff and head to Tribal Council right now, we have a challenge and then we're gonna vote," Kelly said morbidly.

"Oh gosh," Monica said astonished.

"Here we go," Spencer said.

"I gotta go get my stuff down by the beach!" Monica said.

"Me too," Kelly said.

The two girls walked down toward the beach to pick up a few things they'd left their earlier in the day. Spencer and Deena proceeded to the shelter to gather their belongings.

"So Spencer, tell me something, which one of those girls are you going to take?" Deena asked curiously.

"Honestly, I couldn't even tell you if I wanted to," Spencer said laughing.

"If you knew, would you let the other one know?" Deena said picking his brain.

"I like to think that I would," Spencer said honestly.

"Well, it's been nice playing with you buddy," Deena said patting him on the back.

This challenge is my last chance. I have a few deals and a few ideas on how to stay, but if I'm not wearing that necklace, I think my time is done.

–Deena Bennett

The final four arrived at tribal council where they all took a seat and were handed a piece of parchment and a pen. In this challenge contestants would be asked a series of questions about Arabian history. The first person to five points would win immunity.

Question 1: What was the main method of farming  in the B.C. era

A. Irrigation B. Canals C. Farming wasn't a Nessesity D. None of the Above

Deena: A

Kelly: A

Monica: A

Spencer: A

After a series of questions that went on both Kelly and Deena had four points whereas Spencer had 3, and Monica had two. The next question would be the one that decided it all.

Who was the leader of Arabia in 900 B.C.

A. Solomon B. Cleopatra C. Sheba or D. Tutankaman

Deena: C

Kelly: A

Monica: B

Spencer: B

The correct answer was.....

C - Sheeba.


Deena exhaled a huge sigh of relief. All day she thought that she was going home, but tonight she was safe, and the alliance of three would have to turn on one another.

"So Deena," Jeff Probst said. "How does it feel to be safe tonight?"

"It's a relief to be honest with you," Deena said. "Because those three are so tight, and they knew they'd have to turn one another at some point, but they just weren't ready to, but I guess it has to be done, right?"

"So Kelly, how do you go about making such a difficult decision now?" Probst asked.

"Well I mean I don't think it's a secret who I'm going to be voting for tonight," Kelly said looking up at Monica.

Monica smiled and giggled, "I know, and Kelly knows that's how I feel too,"

"So what I'm gathering here is that Kelly is going to vote for Monica, and Monica is going to vote for Kelly, so that leaves Deena and Spencer to decide who's going home. So Deena, being on the outs of this alliance how are you going to vote tonight?" Probst said deducting the situation.

"Well Jeff, before I answer that I'd like to ask Spencer a question," she said smirking.

"Do you know who you're voting for tonight?" She asked curiously.

"Honestly, I don't," Spencer said.

"Alright then," Deena said confidently. "I'm voting for Spencer tonight."

"Spencer?" Jeff said confused.

"Look Jeff, these girls have been scrambeling like crazy for days and days on end to find out who Spencer is going to take, so I'm giving them both the solution. I'm voting for Spencer, and if they join me, they'll both be here tommorrow, which is something Spencer can't garuntee them," Deena said assertively.

"Well it's not like I planned for this to happen," Spencer said. "I love these girls, and it's not that I'm being decieving, I honestly don't know because it's so difficult to choose between both of my friends."

"But you told them both that you had already decided," Deena said catching him in a lie.

Monica and Kelly and Spencer looked astonished.

"Well with that, it is time to vote,"  Jeff Probst said.

The votes were tallied and Jeff came back ready to read them...

First vote,

"Spencer," as promised Deena had stayed true to her word.

Next vote,


1 vote Monica. 1 vote Spencer.

Next vote,


Spencer grimaced. Deena smirked, just one vote more and she'd of done it.

Last vote,

"13th Person Voted Out of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School,  and the sixth member of our jury,"


Spencer sat there with his mouth wide open. Stunned at what just happened.  He hugged all three girls goodbye and walked up to have his torch snuffed.

"Spencer, the tribe has spoken."

And with that They were down to three.

Day 38

The three remaining girls returned to camp early the next morning, Kelly and Monica both upset about the vote they had to make. It was a difficult decision for both of them to betray Spencer, but ultimately Deena had garunteed them safety, and they couldn't rely on that with Spencer.

I hated doing that to Spencer, he's really been like my rock the entire time I was out here, but I couldn't trust him, and yet he voted against Monica and not me, which just makes me feel so guilty.

–Kelly Goldsmith

I'm sure that Deena thinks she's just made a game changing move by taking out Spencer, but Kelly and I are still here and still tight, but unlike Kelly I haven't been banking on my success because of Spencer, I've gotten myself here.

–Monica Padilla

Last night, I accomplished exactly what I set out to do, which was send my biggest competition home. Now I just have one immunity challenge left against two scrawny girls, and I've got this in the bag. I gotta keep it up.

–Deena Bennett

"Congratulations ladies," Deena said smiling. The sad, defeated girl from Day 37 had vanished and Deena was beaming with confidence as seen by the glow from the fire. She looked from Monica to Kelly who both seemed very shaky without Spencer around. With one challenge win she'd convinced his own allies to vote against him.

"Final three, and it's all girls," Monica said smiling. "Way to represent ladies."

"Today's a big day," Kelly said exhaling slowly.

"Why yes it is," said a voice coming from the distance.

A shadowy figure began walking up from the beach toward the camp, he seemed to have in his hand a small piece of paper to give to the tribe. As they saw him approaching they realized it was Jeff Probst.

"Hey guys," Jeff Probst said.

"It's a little early for you, isn't it Jeff?" Kelly said cynically.

"I guess you could say that," Jeff said smiling. "Well congratulations on making it to the final three, today you guys are going to go on a walk to commemorate the 13 tribemates you've lost along the way. I know it's been a long journey for all of you, I want you guys to really take this in, and see how far you've come and remember how close you are to the end. Once you reach the end of the torches you will compete in your final immunity challenge and then we'll be down to our final two."

Deena, Kelly, & Monica all got in a small row boat and began rowing towards a small island where they could distinguish all thirteen torches of the tribemates they'd left behind on their way here. They would walk one by one and remember each one of their tribemates.

They got out of the boat and began walking toward the first torch, belonging to Tracy Hughes-Wolf.

"She was a competitor, if we let her last even three days longer she could be here instead of me."

I was honored to have been given a second chance. When I got out there, I just saw that I didn't fit in, and I worked tooth and nail to weaseal my way in, but I just couldn't. It was definitely a humbling experience.

–Tracy Hughes-Wolf

Next up was the torch of Colton Cumbie, one of the biggest super villains of all time.

"I can't even imagine what life with Colton must've been like," Deena said shaking her head.

"It really wasn't as bad as we thought, I guess we'll find out for sure when we get back home though."

It makes me happy that these kids were quaking in their boots when I arrived on the beach, plus America finally got to see my torch get snuffed, so enjoy!

–Colton Cumbie

Next was Adam Gentry, one of Monica's biggest rivals in the game.

"He definitely was eye candy for us at Wahid," Kelly said giggling.

"Oh he's adorable until he opens his mouth," Monica said rolling her eyes.

I came in to Arabia thinking I was gonna be the biggest, baddest All-Star there ever was, but man I got stomped on. I guess it just goes to show that the big guns are nothing compared to what a lot of these people got going on upstairs.

–Adam Gentry

Up next was a very dear friend to Monica, Christina Cha.

"I definitely wish she could've been here longer, love ya girl!" Monica said grabbing Christina's torch.

Coming into this game I had a lot of Survivor demons, but this time I feel like I had more fun, I played better, and I stood up for myself when I was being beat down, and that's better than a million dollars to me.

–Christina Cha

Next, was the first Wahid member voted out, John Caroll.

"Oh John, what can we say about John," Deena said perkily.

"I'd rather not say anything," Kelly said laughing.

I love this game more than anything, playing it once was amazing, playing it twice, no matter how short, was truely a blessing, and I like to think I wasn't as douchey this time around either.

–John Caroll

Next was a close friend and ally to Deena, Miss Gina Crews.

"She was a class act, hard working, intellegent, and never gave up," Deena said smiling.

I've always worked hard no matter how tired I was, and I stayed true to those who stayed true to me, so I'm glad I'll never have to look back and question my character.

–Gina Crews

Now began the Fekruna tribe's era.

First up was Ishrin four leader Brett Clouser.

"He was my partner in crime out here from the very beginning, we'd of raised a lot of hell if he stuck around, I'm sure of it," Monica said smiling.

I wanted to stay true to who I was out here, and I really think I did. I believed in those who believed in me, and I think that kind of philosophy in life is going to take me places.

–Brett Clouser

Then came sweetheart, Sydney Wheeler.

"She's just a fabulous human being," Monica said. "I love that girl."

"No regrets about getting rid of her, she's just someone who was born to play this game." Kelly said.

Being voted out so early my first time made me nervous to return, but I just wanted an adventure and I got so much more out of it, there were friendships, there were tears, but I think most importantly there was a new me.

–Sydney Wheeler

Next up was everyone's favorite, Jeff Varner.

"I think saying nothing is the perfect way to just sum up Varner," Deena said.

I thought I was hilarious the first time around, but this time, I did amazing. I'm pretty proud of what I did out here. I kicked ass.

–Jeff Varner

Next was Kelly's season mate, Brandon Quinton.

"We had a really rocky friendship throughout the course of the game, I just hope things go back to normal when this is all said and done," Kelly said remorsefully.

I was surprised by how ruthless I was. I was scheming with the best of 'em and I never held back. I'm pretty proud of the way I handeled myself this time,truthfully.

–Brandon Quinton

Up next was a close friend to both Deena and Penny, but an unexpected on eto say the least, Penny Ramsey.

"I don't think anyone expected her to make it this far," Kelly said.

"She was hardworking, and a kick ass competitor," Deena said nodding.

When I heard I was coming back I knew that I was gonna have to work hard, but I never expected to have everyone against me from the beginnig like that, but I'm glad it happened because turning the game around and fighting back proved that I'm a lot tougher than anyone gives me credit for.

–Penny Ramsey

Next came Gervase Peterson.

"Oh Gervase," Monica said laughing.

"He loved the drama," Kelly said rolling her eyes.

I made some good jokes, I made some sweet moves, and I made it farther than last time, so I have no complaints.

–Gervase Peterson

Last up was the man who had been Monica and Kelly's best friend since the very beginning.

The sight of his torch brought a tear to Kelly and Monica's eyes, the went up and reste their head on his torch as a sign of respect.

"He was really the sweetest guy I've ever met," Kelly said somberly.

"We didn't really click in the beginning, but I'm so glad to have gotten to work together with him for so long," Monica said smiling.

I'm obsessed with Survivor. So going out the first time and getting my ass kicked was embaressing, this time I worked hard to make sure it didn't happen again and it paid off, I think my Survivor experience this time around was much more rewarding, and had mugh higher highs than Tocantins ever did.

–Spencer Duhm

The three girls kept walking forward toward their next challenge, keeping in mind the thirteen people who'd been voted out before them hoping they wouldn't be the last to fall.

I've come a long way in 38 days, it's been an uphill battle, but I've made it this far, and I don't intend on going out today.

–Deena Bennett

The rights of passage really reminded me how much I've done out here, and I'd hate for it all to fall by the wayside because of one challenge.

–Kelly Goldsmith

I'm the last Ishrin member standing, so there's a lot of pressure on me to keep going, because I'm not going to come this close to the end and get voted off.

–Monica Padilla

The last immunity challenge was simple. Each contestant would place both feet on two uneven sized poles and would have to keep one hand on the idol, the last person holding on would win immunity and get to choose who stood next to them in the final two.


All three women looked strong. Very little movement happened in the first hour, but the day was just heating up. Two hours in and then sun had reached a scorching 100 degrees. Sweat began dripping from all of their foreheads, each one trying to take their mind away from the sweat and focusing on keeping their hand on the idol. 3 Hours in and everyones arms began to shake. Legs were twitching on the steps, moving in and out of periods of numbness.

"Ahh!" Monica screamed from the numbness of her foot. She lifted her foot off one of the beams, and just like that Monica was out of the challenge.

That left Deena and Kelly to settle it amongst themselves.

"Kelly, you wanna just go another hour, and if we're both still here we can talk this out," Deena said.

"I'm down with that," Kelly said.

An hour passed, as the temperature rose another five degrees. Both woman were shaking uncontrollably. Dehydration and Fatiuge had been wearing on both women fast.

"Alright Kelly, let's cut to the chase, if you swear on your life that you take me to the end I'll hop down, and you can have immunity," Deena said.

"That's all I have to do?" Kelly asked.

"Yes," Deena said becoming short of breath.

"I swear," Kelly said. "You've got yourself a deal."

And with that Deena stepped off.


It's surreal that I've made it to the very end. Never in a million years did I think that I'd have won Immunity today, and I'd have a chance at winning the entire game. This is a huge advantage, and I can't waste it.

–Kelly Goldsmith

When the girls got back to camp, both were ready to strike a deal with Kelly.

Deena and Kelly went for a walk down the beach to discus the deal they'd made.

"So you're completly solid?" Deena asked.

"For sure," Kelly said. "I really don't have any loyalty to Monica."

"Good, because you know the Ishrin people would vote for her, and honesty if she got there, I'd probably vote for her too," Deena said honestly.

"I completly understand that," Kelly said sincerly.

"So we have no issues?" Deena asked to clarify.

"None that I can think of to be honest with you, I mean we had a deal, and I intend to honor it," Kelly said sweetly.

I feel good about my decision today. Kelly will betray Monica, which won't look so hot to the jury, while my stock just keeps rising. I'm feeling fairly confident about the way the vote's going to go tonight.

–Deena Bennett

After Deena had left, Monica approached Kelly while she was sitting in the shelter.

"Hey, you gotta sec?" Monica asked.

"Sure," Kelly said smiling.

"Are you totally one hundred percent voting me out tonight?" She asked concerned.

"Not if you can tell me why I shouldn't," Kelly said honestly.

"Ok, well after last night, I honestly think Deena could wipe the floor with either one of us in a final tribal council, she made us look so pathetic that if you went up against her, I think she'd win," Monica said honestly.

"Well, you have some friends on the jury, a lot more than Deena does," Kelly said honestly.

"I have two friends, and maybe only one since Spencer and I voted eachother out," Monica said.

"The thing is I know they don't like Deena, I don't know how they feel about you," Kelly said puzzled.

"To be honest with you, I don't think anyone really cares how they feel about me, I think they care about the way we played the game, and you an I played much more similar to eachother than you did to Deena." Monica said.

"Plus I garuntee, I'll be voting for Deena if I'm on the jury, it's just the way it goes," Monica said bluntly.

"Alright, you've given me a lot to think about," Kelly said.

"Think about it carefully," Monica said smiling.

Tonight I lose a jury vote, and gain a friend, who in a matter of twelve more hours will be pleading to a jury that I don't deserve the million dollars. So while I'm happy to have gone the distance, I can't say I'm too excited to have to vote someone out tonight.

–Kelly Goldsmith

At Tribal Council, Kelly had made her decision. She cast her vote and sat down and awiated the results.

All three girls held hands awaiting the results.

"14th Person Voted out Of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School and the final member of our jury,"


Monica smiled and shrugged. She hugged both Deena and Kelly goodbye and brought Jeff her torch.

"Monica, the tribe has spoken."

And with that Ishrin was gone, the new school kids defeated, and an Old School contestant would be brining the money home. Now it was just a question of who.

Day 39

Day 39 had finally arrived. Deena Bennett and Kelly Goldsmith woke up around noon and exchanged a huge hug. They'd done what fourteen others had failed to do their second time around, and today was going to be all about them.

They'd both had their ups and downs, their high points and low points throughout this crazy game, but they'd survived longer than anyone and tonight one of them would be rewarded just for doing that.

They cooked breakfast just as they always had. There were serveral leftover eggs from a few days ago plus some fruits and veggies which the two enjoyed as their final meal on the island. They'd lost a lot of weight, and a lot of trust in the past 39 days and both girls were ready for their Survivor experience to come to and end tonight.

After eating, they both went their seperate ways and began to reflect on their time here in Arabia.

Kelly Goldsmith walked along the beach until she found a giant rock which she sat upon looking out at the sea in front of her, thinking of all she'd gone through the last 39 days here.

I never expected for it to be so emotionally draining. I mean it was gruesome. I broke a lot of friendships and alliances to get where I am, but I'm hoping that the jury can respect me for being willing to do that as opposed to the bitch that did that to everyone.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Deena Bennett on the other hand had come across a quiant little stump in the forst which she rested upon watching the wild life scurry about just as she had for the past 39 days trying to keep herself in the game. It'd been a long batttle for Deena as well with the highs and lows she'd gone through.

I was shocked at how I managed to stick around even when I wasn't calling the shots, and when I was calling the shots, especially in these past few days I think I really showed that I'm a Survivor in all aspects of the word, so I'm ready for tonight, because it's going to be one hell of a showdown.

–Deena Bennett

The two girls got into their canoe and began rowing toward Tribal Council where they would find out their fate.

"We'll now bring in the members of our jury: Sydney, Jeff, Brandon, Penny, Gervase, Spencer, and Monica, voted out at the last tribal council," Jeff Probst said.

"Well congratulations, you guys have done what fourteen others have failed to do, and tonight these seven people that you had a hand in voting out either directly or indirectly are going to determine who wins the tiel of Sole Survivor and the Million Dollar check that goes along with it, we'll begin with opening statements, Deena you're up first," Probst said.

"When I got into Arabia, I thought it was going to be very similar to my time in the Amazon, I was ready to take a leadership role, and kind of determine my own destiny, which is kind of how the game started out for me, but somewhere in the middle for the first time in my life really, I lost control of the situation, and at first I really didn't know how to react, it was a struggle just dealing with the fact that my fate was in someone else's hands, but as time went on a really learned to adapt to a new style of play, and as of late I made some big moves that I think show how far I've come, so I hope you all take that into consideration when you cast your vote tonight," Deena said.

"Kelly, you're up," Probst said.

"Hey everyone, what's up? I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be sitting here, but like Deena I had no idea the hell I was going to have to endure to get where I am now. I was really the deciding vote in a lot of Tribal Councils from the very beginning, so I think that the fact that the decisions I decided to make got me here it shows that the decisions I made were correct, otherwise I wouldn't be sitting her so...thanks," Kelly said.

Now it was time for the jury to ask questions or make a statement to the finalists.

"Sydney, you're up first," Probst said.

"Well congratulations to both of you, I think both of you really deserve to be where you're sitting right now," Sydney said smiling.

"My question tonight is for Kelly, you were gunning for me the moment I stepped into the Fekruna camp, before I'd ever really spoken to you, so my question is why were you so insistant on gettting me out before you really knew me?"

"That's a good question, but I think what you have to remember is, we've all played Survivor before, and with enough knowledge of the game, I can base an idea off who you are and how you played the game and I remember you being very sweet and charming, and that's exactly what I saw when you arrivedat Fekruna, so that's what I based my decision on," Kelly explained.

"Satisfied?" Probst asked.

Sydney nodded. "Thank you both, and good luck," She said smiling.

"Alright Varner, you're up next," Probst said.

"Alright," Varner said cackeling. "Tonight we got Smelly Kelly, and Deena, and before we get any further I gotta say, Kelly, you still stink, not even like stink but like stantk," He said moving his hand back and forth as if to get rid of the smell.

"So my question to you is, will you use your million dollars to cleanse yourself little darlin?" Varner said laughing.

"If I bathe then I won't be Smelly Kelly anymore, so I'll say that I would be honored to bathe for  your million dollar vote," Kelly said cheekily.

"Deena," Varner said. "On a Scale of 1 to 10, how bad does Kelly stink?"

Deena looked puzzled. "Umm...I'll say a 7,"

"...Alright thanks Varner," Probst said confused. Brandon, come on up,"

Brandon had an evil smirk on his face. "Alright y'all congrats, now I'm gonna talk and I want you both to listen because I'm still not decided on what I'm gonna do tonight, So I'm gonna go off like you normally do then you'll get a chance to defend yourself."

"Kelly, you say you were the swing vote, but doesn't that mean you really didn't do any of the thinkin for yourself, you had people coming up to you with all these deals on a silver platter and you constantly moaned and bitched about having to make a decision while some of us were scaddadelin plans up just to keep us in the game when you barely had to do anything at all, so explain," Brandon said folding his arms.

"Well, I don't really think I complained..." Kelly said.

"Oh honey, if this is where we're going you can just stop right there," Brandon said.

"But-" Kelly said.

"Oh no butts, I think you've said far too much already tonight," Brandon said rolling his eyes.

"Deena," Brandon began, "Your constant need for control and power was almost sickening whether it be collecting the firewood or having to blindside John, but not letting anybody else in one the plan because you wanted to assert your dominance over the tribe, so tell me how on earth that makes anything close to what a good Survivor player should be."

"Honestly Brandon, that's who I am, I like control and I like authority so I do things the way I do things and I don't hold back," Deena said bluntly.

"Alright," Brandon said taking a seat on the Jury bench again.

"Penny, c'mon up," Probst said.

"Well hey y'all, fancy seeing you up here,"

Both girls smiled at Penny.

"What I wanna know is what you think the biggest move you made in the game was, cause I wanna see what you feel the crowning moment of your game is,"

Deena began first, "Mine is convincing Monica and Kelly to vote out Spencer. There is no doubt that he was going to win this game if he didn't get voted out that night, and I angled it in a way so that I got what I wanted, and it made sense for them to do it, they had to do it or one of them was going home, so they chose self-preservation, which is exactly what I wanted," Deena said beaming.

"Kelly?" Penny asked.

"I think my biggest move in the game would be straddeling the fense between Wahid and Ishrin more than anybody else, because it really kept me out of harm's way as far as Tribal Council went, because both sides thought I was with them, and I did whatever I could to make it seem as if I was with them so they'd keep coming back to me," Kelly explained.

"Well thank y'all, and good luck tonight." Penny said smiling.

"Gervase," Probst said.

"Hey ladies, congrats, both of you girls have been plotting since the very beginning so I for one am not surprised to see you girls up here," Gervase said smiling.

"So what I wanna do is make this game a little more interesting tonight, my question to you all is, who's vote do you care about the least? and no chickening out, otherwise my vote goes to the other person," Gervase said clearly.

"Varner," Deena said instantly.

"I'm gonna say Brandon," Kelly said.

Next up was Spencer, who seemed visually upset with the way things played out on Day 37.

"Kelly, you honestly were my best friend out here, you were so close of a friend that I couldn't even write your name down two days ago, because I wanted to go to the end with you, but now I feel as if I can't even write your name down to win the game, because of what you did to me, so I wanna know why, despite this little rut in our friendship, I should give you my vote."

"Spencer, if I'd have known that you were 100% solid with me, I never would have written your name down, but the problem was I didn't know, and you didn't know until it was too late for both of us. Our friendship goes beyond this game, so if you cannot respect what I did enough, than don't vote for me, but that doesn't change our friendship at all, ok?" Kelly said sympathetically.

"Thanks Kelly, and goodluck to you both tonight," Spencer said.

"Monica, you're up next," Probst announced.

"Congrats ladies, I know you've been put through the ringer tonight so I'm gonna keep it breif.

"If you give your word to someone, should you honor it through?"

"If you give your word, and they give you there word, then you have to go through with it, because it's better than taking a stupid risk," Deena said bluntly.

"Alright thanks" Monica said. "Kelly?"

"You should only keep your word if it benefits you more than not keeping your word," Kelly explained.

"I thought you'd say that," Monica said smirking.

Now it was time for closing speeches, then the vote.

"Well you guys, I've said all that I've had to say, you all were here the entire time, you've seen my work ethic, you've seen my drive, you've seen me play from behind, and you've seen me take control over the past few days, and I hope my best is good enough to earn your votes," Deena said.

"I know I've said and done a lot of things that weren't the nicest, but you can't take away the fact that if I had a problem with something or I was doubting something or someone I came right out and said it to you, what you did with that information is what determined your outcome in the game, I have no regrets, and I'm just thankful to have been apart of this experience," Kelly said smiling.

One by one each of the jurors went up to vote a few inparticular were shown to the live audience at home.

Penny Ramsey walked up, and wrote Deena with a huge smiley face next to it.

"Girl, you've done us all proud out here, spend the money well," She said folding her vote up...

and Spencer Duhm, wrote down his friend Kelly's name.

"Kelly, I hate what happened a few days ago, and this is my way of righting the wrongs we've done to eachtoher. You did so much better than anyone thought you were going to, you're a lot toughter than people give you credit for and you're the baddest bitch I know, good luck and hope you win it," Spencer said kissing his vote and putting it in the urn.

Jeff gathered the votes came back and said "I know you'd all love it if we read the votes here, but we're gonna have to wait till we're back in the states."

And through the magic of Television live in New York City, NY the Survivor finale was set up.

Deena and Kelly both wearing dresses were seated front and center with the jury to the side.

"Well before we get started I'd like to thank everyone in this cast for making this, the best All-Star Survivor season I think we've ever had."

The audience and cast applauded.

"Now, let's get to the vote, tonight you wanna see your name on the parchment, it takes four votes to win, here we go," Probst said.

First vote...


Next vote...


One vote Kelly, One vote Deena

Next vote,



We're tied again two votes Deena, two votes Kelly.


3 votes Kelly, 2 votes Deena.

Next vote,


3 votes Kelly, 3 votes Deena, One Vote Left.

It all came down to this, the camera panned to Monica Padilla who was smirking, she was the deciding vote, her question, simple though it seemed had been one last test, and the one who responded correctly was about to be one million dollars richer.

"The Winner Of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School....."


The audeince erupted in cheers. Deena and Kelly exchanged a big hug an Deena ran down the stairs to celebrate with her family.

"It was a crazy season with huge bilindsides, and twists and turns around every corner, and Deena Bennett the old school Attorney from the Amazon learned how to adapt without taking the reigns so that when she did take control everyone knew it, it was an amazing season with great characters stay tuned for the Survivor: Arabia reunion blog, and find out where Survivor is going next!

Tribal Council

Day 37

Tribal Council 12

Spencer (3 Votes)
Deena, Kelly, Monica
Monica (1 Vote)
Spencer Duhm

Day 38

Tribal Council 13

Monica (1 Vote)
Monica Padilla

Day 39

Tribal Council 14
Jury Vote

Deena (4 Votes)
Brandon, Monica, Penny, & Sydney
Kelly (3 Votes)
Gervase, Jeff, & Spencer
Kelly Goldsmith
Deena Bennett

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