"You Messed Up"
Season Survivor: Argentina
Author User:Pieniazek666
Episode Number 7/15
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This is the Seventh episode of Survivor: Argentina

Previously on Survivor...

With Joe gone, Jay figured his time was running short and was passive about. Over at La Plata, Marissa had a different idea about her time running out and attempted to gather Audi and Kristie to join her and Heather. At immunity Jay had one option and that was to win individual immunity. It came down to Zaya and Nikki for La Plata and Jay and Tree for Necochea with Nikki eventually falling and Tree outlasting everyone. At Necochea's tribal, Jay being the person to bring in to get a majority over the other alliance was discussed. When the vote came, Scott sided with Undivided in a different plan that blindside Chris 4-2-1. La Plata's Tribal however went a bit different. As the votes came for them, Marissa's attempt to swing votes failed as she was voted out 5-2.


Reward Challenge: Master Mind
The tribes are given two identical giant-sized puzzles made up of several wooden squares that slide within a bigger square. The object is to slide the giant puzzle pieces around the game board to reveal a map leading to the reward. The first tribe to complete their puzzle wins.
Reward: Buffet Picnic
Winner: Necochea

Immunity Challenge: Shipwrecked
Both tribes must select one rower before they convene for the challenge. Then the rest of the cast will be sent to the ocean, wearing life vests. Mimicking a true shipwreck, the rowers must rescue all their tribemates. Then the rescued teammates can help the rower in gathering up their other tribemates. First team to rescue all their tribemates, wins immunity.
Winner: La Plata


Night 14


The tribe arrives back at camp following listening to La Plata before they vote.

Quote1What the heck just happened?Quote2- James
Quote1You telling me. I thought I was a goner.Quote2- Jay
Quote1We went for another target.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1T.P., I get you voting that way but Scott. I don't understand.Quote2- James
Quote1I didn't like how he was talking about my ex-commanding officer.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Seriously. You messed up dude. We were a team. You could have told us.Quote2- James
Quote1Wait, what happened about you ex-commanding officer?Quote2- Tree
Quote1I never got to hear this.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1I got kicked out of the marines for punching my commanding officer after he denied telling me to do something that I didn't want to do because something would go wrong and it did after I did what he said to do.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Wow.Quote2- Jay
Quote1Scott, why didn't you ever tell us this?Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I don't like talking about. I regret doing it too.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Scott, your starting to be a nice person.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Tree, get that evil thought out of your head. I am not nice.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Either way, thanks for saving me. I will do my best to kick butt at challenges.Quote2- Jay
I am not nice. I will never be nice. Got it.


Scott has been slowly opening up more but he is still an A$$hole.


La Plata

The tribe arrive at camp following their tribal.

Quote1Well once again the vote went as planned.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Hey Heather, don't think you are off the hook for voting with her.Quote2- Sara
Quote1What are you talking about?Quote2- Heather
Quote1You voted with her. In my opinion you messed up any chance of us trusting you.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1What about Kristie and Audi?Quote2- Heather
Quote1For one, I didn't vote Nikki.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1And two, We told Zaya way before.Quote2- Audi
Quote1They are more trusting than you.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I don't think you should be signing off my boot just yet.Quote2- Heather
Heather knows she is in hot water from the vote but she would have been anyways unless something surprising happened but it won't anymore.


They should not count me out yet. I am an insperational speaker. I need to get a couple of them aside alone to talk to them. Zaya you are going down.


Day 15


Jay and James are in the woods while the rest of the tribe is at the shelter with Totolax cooking rice.

Quote1Hey Jay. I have an idea that could save both of us but it is very risky.Quote2- James
Quote1What do you have in mind?Quote2- Jay
Quote1I think I can get Scott to vote with me again. If us three would vote T.P. should we lose. We can force a tie.Quote2- James
Quote1What happens if it's a deadlock?Quote2- Jay
Quote1That's the riskiest part. We would have to go to rocks.Quote2- James
Quote1Do you think you could get Scott to do it?Quote2- Jay
Quote1Yeah, We had talked about going to rocks before.Quote2- James
Quote1Then do it.Quote2- Jay
With Jay on board I am hoping I can get Scott and then put everyone's life on the line. I am ready to go down swinging.


Over at the shelter.

Quote1So who are we to take out next?Quote2- Tree
Quote1I would be good with either one of them.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I still can't believe you actually agreed to do that with us.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I don't like people disrespecting my uncle.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Uncle? I thought it was your commanding officer.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Oh crap. My uncle was my commanding officer.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Wow. Is your whole family in the marines?Quote2- Tree
Quote1No, just my uncle. They all do other stuff.Quote2- Scott
Quote1That's interesting.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I don't like talking about so can we not bring it up anymore?Quote2- Scott
Quote1Sure.Quote2- Totolax
Scott is starting to have moments were he seems like a good guys but then he ruins it by saying something else.


La Plata

Zaya, Sara and Nikki are sitting around the shelter while Audi, Kristie and Heather are at the beach.

Quote1I honestly would have been willing to blindside Kristie had Heather not done that.Quote2- Sara
Quote1I would have as well. She is going after us though.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I don't think we really have a choice if we can't get her to get away from getting us gone.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Do you really think we could though.Quote2- Sara
Quote1I think it would be a long shot but we might be able to.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I honestly think she should just be done and gone.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1I do too but we could offer her a chance.Quote2- Sara
Quote1I guess we could.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1We can talk to her either tonight or should we lose immunity.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1I'll do it tonight.Quote2- Sara

Reward Challenge

Both tribes arrive at a field location.

Necochea taking your first look at the new La Plata tribe. Marissa voted out after you left.

–Jeff Prost

For today's challenge each tribe will be given a giant sized puzzle made up of 15 wooden squares within a bigger square. Your goal is to move the squares around by sliding them left, right, up, or down to reveal a map leading to your reward. The first tribe to complete the map wins reward. Want to know what you are playing for?

–Jeff Prost

Everyone, "Yes."

At the location on the map is a buffet picnic with various foods. I know it's worth playing. I'll give you a minute to stradegize and we will get started.

–Jeff Prost

Both tribes gather together to discuss the challenge. When both tribes are finished.

On my go you will begin sliding your squares to reveal the map. Survivors ready...GO.

–Jeff Prost

Both tribes begin sliding their puzzle.
Scott, "slide that one here and then that one here."
James, "Alright. Then we can slide this one here."
Zaya, "Slide that one left and that one up."
Heather, "This is so confusing."
Jeff, "Both tribes working good but are also lost."
Scott, "We are not lost we are thinking."
Jeff, "If that gets you further then go ahead."
T.P., "Move that down and slide that one left."
Tree, "Got it. I think this one should move up."
Scott, "Yeah."
Zaya, "Move that one right. then that one left."
Jeff, "Necochea is now getting something going. La Plata is still trying to figure it out."
Scott, "It's looking good. Tree slide that one left and then slide the other one up."
Tree, "Okay. This one goes here."
Sara, "Slide that one over here and then that one up."
Jeff, "La Plata may have something going."
Scott "Jeff."

Necochea think they have it and they do. Necochea wins reward.

–Jeff Prost

Both tribes gather back at the start.

Necoceha here is a small version of that map. La Plata, I have nothing for you. Grab your stuff head back to camp.

–Jeff Prost

Scott walks up and grabs the map while the rest of Necochea follow. La Plata head back to camp.


The tribe arrive at the location of there reward.

Quote1Alright. I am loving this.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Let's eat boys.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Another win down.Quote2- T.P.
Our reward had so much. It had sandwiches, chips, cookies, and sodas. It was so good.


Quote1Hey Scott, can I talk to you for a bit?Quote2- James
Quote1Sure. I guess.Quote2- Scott

Scott and James walk off.

Quote1What's up?Quote2- Scott
Quote1If we lose tomorrow, would you be willing to vote T.P. with me.Quote2- James
Quote1Maybe.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I talked to Jay and he said he would do it.Quote2- James
Quote1We go to rocks just like what we had said before.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Exactly. Are you in?Quote2- James
Quote1I will have to seriously think about it.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Well take your time.Quote2- James
James wants me to join him and take out T.P. I am tempted to accept but I also can say to him you messed up the chance of me doing the by going after me like that last night. Time will tell what I decide.


Scott and James head back over to the food.

La Plata Night

Heather is up and out of the shelter. Sara wakes up and goes over to her.

Quote1Heather, can I talk to you for a minute?Quote2- Sara
Quote1No, I honestly don't want to talk to you.Quote2- Heather
Quote1I'm sure I have something you want to hear if you'll listen.Quote2- Sara
Quote1No, you listen. Kristie and Audi are not to be trusted at all but you three don't seem to care.Quote2- Heather
Quote1I think you should hear what I want to say.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Sara, I am not interested in what you have to say right now.Quote2- Heather
Quote1I'm sure you would want to hear it.Quote2- Sara
Quote1I don't care to hear it right now.Quote2- Heather

Heather walks off to the beach.

Is Heather serious right now? I was going to offer her a chance to maybe take out Audi or Kristie but now I want to just tell her you messed up any chance again. We wanted to give you a chance. Why are you like that?


Sara walks back into the shelter. Zaya opens up her eyes a bit.

Quote1Did you talk to Heather?Quote2- Zaya
Quote1I tried but she didn't want to hear it from me. Let's see if Nikki wants to talk to her.Quote2- Sara
Quote1We could. I Don't know if she really wants to be saved though.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1Sure seems like it.Quote2- Sara

Necochea Night

Scott, Tree and T.P. are out of the shelter.

Quote1James wants you gone if we lose.Quote2- Scott
Quote1I am not surprised.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Does he think he can get rid of T.P.?Quote2- Tree
Quote1He wants to try to force a tie.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Does he have Jay's vote?Quote2- T.P.
Quote1He thinks he does. We can talk to Jay and get him away from it.Quote2- Scott
Quote1James is trying to save himself.Quote2- Tree
Quote1I don't feel right about keeping James around if he is going to be doing this.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1James still trust me for some reason so he could be controlled.Quote2- Scott
Quote1So how do we decide who we would boot if we lose?Quote2- Tree
Quote1I say we look at challenge strength.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1For sure.Quote2- Scott
Quote1That would be good.Quote2- Tree
We have a dilemma. James wants me gone but Jay is a wild card and they are both good at the challenges. Jay is better at physical challenge.


Day 16

Immunity Challenge

Both tribe arrive at the beach location.

Welcome to today's immunity challenge. Zaya, Tree, I'll take back the necklaces.

–Jeff Probst

Zaya and Tree walk over, take off the immunity necklaces and hand them to Jeff.

Tribal immunity is back up for grabs. Here is how today's challenge is going to work. You will designate one person as your rower. The other five will be sent out into the water. The first tribe to get everyone in there boat and make it to shore wins immunity. I'll give you a minute to stradegize and we will get started.

–Jeff Probst

Both tribes gather to decide who will be the rower and how the others will be picked up. When everyone is ready and in position.

In the water for Necochea Jay, James, T.P., Tree, and Totolax. In the water for La Plata Sara, Audi, Zaya, Kristie, and Heather. On my go Scott and Nikki can begin to pick up their tribemates. Survivors ready...Go.

–Jeff Probst

Scott and Nikki begin rowing towards the first person.
Scott quickly reaches Jay while Nikki continues rowing towards Sara.
Jay gets in the boat while Nikki reaches Sara.
Jeff, "Necochea off to a quick start. La Plata falling behind early."
Scott reaches James while Nikki begins rowing towards Audi.
Scott begins rowing toward T.P. while Nikki reaches Audi."
Jeff, "Necochea has picked up two people. La Plata working on there second. They need to pick it up."
Scott reaches T.P. while Nikki begins rowing towards Zaya.
Nikki quickly reaches Zaya while T.P. is getting into the boat.
Scott begins rowing towards Tree with Nikki rowing towards Kristie.
Jeff, "La Plata has caught up. It is a race to the fourth person."
Scott reaches Tree at the same time Nikki reaches Kristie.
Both tribes struggle getting their person into the boat.
Scott gets Tree in seconds before Nikki gets Kristie in and both tribes head to the final person.
Jeff "It is neck and neck."
Scott reaches Totolax while Nikki is still rowing.
Nikki reaches Heather while Totolax is trying to get in the boat.
Heather and Totolax both are in their boats.
Scott, "Go. Go. Go."
Jay, "Why are we sinking?"
James, "I think Totolax got us over the weight limit of the boat."
Totolax, "Ha. Ha. But seriously I think my seat just cracked."
Tree, "Come on. They passed us."
Zaya, "Row. They might be able pass us."
Nikki, "I don't think so."

La Plata is at the shore. La Plata wins immunity.

–Jeff Probst

After Necochea gets to shore.
James, "I think the boat broke."
Totolax, "The seat got cracked."

La Plata come and get the idol.

–Jeff Probst

Audi walks up and grabs the idol."

La Plata safe tonight. Necochea you however are not. I will see you at tribal tonight were somebody will be voted out of this game. Grab your stuff and head on out.

–Jeff Probst

La Plata

The tribe arrives back at camp following their win at the challenge.

Quote1Another win down.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1And at least one more to go.Quote2- Audi
Quote1We almost lost that one.Quote2- Heather
Quote1It doesn't matter. We still won.Quote2- Zaya
Quote1We will get them next time too.Quote2- Kristie
Quote1No matter what challenge it is.Quote2- Sara
Quote1Hell yeah. Heather, can we talk on the beach?Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Sure.Quote2- Heather

Nikki and Heather head off to the beach.

Quote1What's up.Quote2- Heather
Quote1Me, Zaya and Sara.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Oh geez.Quote2- Heather
Quote1Listen to me first. We were thinking of maybe blindsiding Audi or Kristie if we lost immunity.Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Really?Quote2- Heather
Quote1Yes. Are you in?Quote2- Nikki
Quote1Yeah, I am.Quote2- Heather
Quote1Cool.Quote2- Nikki
I don't know if I can trust Nikki fully or not. I may be able to use this to my advantage to get Audi and Kristie on my side.



Everyone is sitting around the shelter.

Quote1We almost had that.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Totolax.Quote2- James
Quote1What did I do?Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Nothing. Just messing with you.Quote2- James
Quote1We just try harder next time around.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1I will for sure try hard next challenge.Quote2- Jay
Quote1We had a good idea but we just fell short.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Totolax.Quote2- James
Quote1Is wasn't me.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1James, quit messing with Totolax.Quote2- Scott
Quote1Alright, I will.Quote2- James

James whispers into Scott's ear. Scott then whispers back.

Quote1We have become a great group.Quote2- Tree
Quote1We actually have.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Never would have thought we would have this kind of moment.Quote2- James
Quote1Is James actually saying something nice?Quote2- Totolax
Quote1No. You heard nothing.Quote2- James
Quote1Sure. We didn't.Quote2- Scott
Tribal is gonna be interesting tonight as many thing could happen tonight.


Tribal Council

The tribe arrives at tribal council placing their torches down and taking a seat.

Welcome to tribal council. James what happened at today's challenge.

–Jeff Probst

Quote1We were doing great. I think Totolax put us over the weight limit on that boat.Quote2- James
Quote1That seat cracked.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Jeff, is that boat still usable?Quote2- Scott
Quote1Scott, unfortunately the boat is broken.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Wow. We broke the boat.Quote2- Tree
Quote1Does this in any way allow us not to vote someone out?Quote2- Jay
Quote1Unfortunately not.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Did you really just ask that?Quote2- T.P.
Quote1Was just a question.Quote2- Jay
Quote1We have not had a vote because of certain situation. A boat having to be taken out of the game does not qualify.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Jeez Totolax, you messed up the boat. Now we might not have a challenge like that again.Quote2- James
Quote1We should have asked about the weight limit.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1T.P., is this how camp has been lately?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I know Jeff. Even I'm shocked that we get along like this.Quote2- T.P.
Quote1This is the calmest our tribe has been all season.Quote2- Tree
Quote1It's weird that we get along after all the fighting we did.Quote2- Scott
Quote1You may get along but you still have to vote someone out of this game. Totolax, will this vote be tough because of that?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I think it might.Quote2- Totolax
Quote1Alliances I think will play into it.Quote2- James
And with that, the time you might not want is here. It is time to vote. Jay your up first.

–Jeff Probst

Jay gets up and head to the urn and cast his vote. The rest follow ending with Scott.

I'll go tally the votes.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff walks off, grabs the urn and comes back.

Once the votes have been read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

–Jeff Probst

First vote...James

James...2 votes James

James...3 votes James

T.P...3 votes James, 1 vote James

Eighth person voted out of Survivor: Argentina...James. You need to bring me your torch.

–Jeff Probst

James gets up, grabs his torch and walks to Jeff.
Jeff, "James, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go."
James walks off into the night.

The game is winding down and with five people left you don't have room to do anything more but get along and win. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. Good Night.

–Jeff Probst

Tribal Council #7:
James L
James (5 votes)
T.P. (1 vote)
James L

Voting Confessional

I hope this works.


No offense but I know it's you or me tonight.


You are getting what you deserve and no amount of begging will change that.


Final Words

Dam. I was hoping Scott would come back and Jay would vote with me but that didn't happen. I am out because of Scott.


Still In The Running

La Plata
Jessica bOUT
Jessica B.
Jessica hOUT
Jessica H.

Next Time on Survivor...

Heather puts in a plan in an attempt to shake up the game.

Author's Notes

The title was said multiple times in the episode (James to Scott on Scott's voting Chris, Nikki to Heather on Heather now being labeled untrusting, Scott talking about James going after him, Sara on Heather possibly ruining a chance to be saved, James to Totolax on the boat from the challenge.)