"You and I Have Unfinished Business"
Season Survivor: Culture Clash
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 8/15
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This is the eighth episode of Survivor: Culture Clash.

Previously on Survivor


Reward Challenges: Vertical Maze
One by one, tribe members will run through a vertical maze to collect bags of sprockets. Once all bags are collected, the tribe must assemble them on a board such that when a winch is used, the gears will move, raising a flag. First tribe to raise their flag, wins reward.
Reward: Sandwiches, iced tea and pastries.
Winner: Habagat

Immunity Challenge: Falling to a Trap
Each player, sitting on a trapdoor, will pull a rope connected to a sand bag, which weighs 1/2 of their body weight. If a player releases their rope, the sandbag will land on a button which will open the trapdoor, sending the player in a pool of water. Last person from both genders remaining, wins immunity.
Winner: Beatrix and Jordan


Night 19

Returning from the Tribal Council, the Amihan tribe laments how painful voting Kaito out was. Budd says he is a ray of sunshine at camp, but the game has to be played. Dominic, the only person who voted with Kaito, is left alone to fend for himself.

I am on my own now. Cataleya will make it deep because no one will treat her seriously because she is non-threatening. Me on the other hand, my head's on the chopping block. I pray that we merge so I can go back to Cap.


At Habagat, Beatrix and Lana tend the campfire. Lana asks Beatrix of where she stands in terms of trust, now that she has accepted Emily, who Lana doesn't trust, to their alliance. Beatrix explains that Emily is a potential swing vote, because Cap and Simon still think the Americans will band together against the Internationals, and they will get rid of her once they have the majority.

I gave Beatrix a piece of my mind because, I don't trust Emily. Not in one bit. But Beatrix does, so I started wondering, is Beatrix about to play me? Bea assured me that Emily is just a pawn, but in this game, you are just as good as your last word. I am becoming increasingly paranoid at this point. I have nowhere to go other than Beatrix.


Lana has no reason not to trust me, but she has been paranoid all night, which makes me nervous. Will she turn against me? I don't know.


Day 20

The tribes convene for what they thought is a tribal merge. To their dismay, Jeff informs them the tribes remain separate. With both tribes having six members each, neither tribe will sit out.

Cap's plan miserably backfires,as Emily, Cataleya and Lana struggle to climb the topmost parts of the maze. Budd, Lawrence and Dominic make quick work of collecting their sprockets. However, things turn for the better for the Habagat tribe as Rosita, and then Elle struggle to get their remaining sprockets. Beatrix has collected her tribe's last sprocket as Elle cannot barely move while on her way to the topmost station. Beatrix leads the charge for Habagat and makes quick work on placing the gear to their appropriate spots. As Elle brings Amihan's last sprocket, Habagat has their sprockets working, raising their flag and winning the challenge. Elle bows her head in disappointment after getting her butt handed to her by Beatrix.

I hated Beatrix more after losing to her for several times now. I have to make sure she goes home if we merge. This game can only have one Canadian, and I'll make sure it's me who prevails.


The Habagat tribe proceeds to a hut, where their sandwiches and drinks await. As the tribe approaches the hut, Emily notices a pile of envelopes beside their food, which could only be letters from home. Emily shakes in anxiety because her mother is battling colon cancer for three years, and she just underwent chemotherapy the day when Emily left for the Philippines.

Out of anyone, I am the most nervous to read my letter, because I have zero news about what's going on back home. My mom's battling cancer for some time now, and it just hurts me that I can't do anything while I'm here, but at the same time, if I win this game, I can fund her next stage of chemotherapy.


As Emily reads her letter, the tribe is surprised as to why Emily looks very disturbed. Emily emotionally reveals that her mother has cancer, and she kept it from the tribe because she doesn't want to win because they pity her. Emily states that if she is to win, she wants to win because of her merits in the game, not because of the baggage she carried with her while playing. Simon cheers Emily up, motivating her to continue playing because her struggles will just make her strong. Emily's letter is written by her father, saying that her mother is not feeling any better. The letter also states that Emily's mother misses her and she cannot wait to see her again.

As much as I cried with Emily's speech, quite frankly, if she quits, one less person to deal with.


Returning from another challenge loss, the Amihan tribe sadly munches on their usual boiled banana lunch. Elle asks why they continue losing. Budd says whatever happens, happens.

Elle is such a sore loser. She couldn't accept the fact that Beatrix beat her ass time and time and time again.


This is frustrating. We've lost four of the past five challenges. We've got the strong guys here, yet we still can't win. I hope we merge and not go to another tribal challenge because I no longer have faith we can still win against Habagat.


Evening at Habagat, as the tribe prepares for bed, Emily contemplates whether or not she stays in the game because if her mom passes while she is in the game, she cannot forgive herself.

My biggest fear while out here is not getting voted out. It's the idea of my mom...while I'm here.


Emily begs to her tribemates not to tell the other tribe anything regarding her letter and situation. The tribe unanimously agrees.

Day 21

The tribes convene for their next Immunity Challenge. After Cap hands the Immunity Idol to Jeff, he tells the tribes to drop their buffs, announcing a merge. The tribes suit up in red new buffs before they are subjected to their first individual Immunity Challenge. Jeff then reveals two Immunity Necklaces, because one man and one woman will win the challenge. The new tribe decide that the Habagat camp is the better of the two camps, so all that was left form the Amihan camp will be transferred to the the old Habagat camp.

Elle is the first player to bail 4 minutes in. During the next 10 minutes, Elle is followed by Emily, Cataleya, Lawrence and Rosita, leaving Lana and Beatrix in contention for immunity for the women and Budd, Jordan, Simon, Cap and Dominic for the men. Lana begs Beatrix to give her the win, but Beatrix does not respond. Lana continues to dig deep, but at the 20th minute, she accidentally releases her rope, eliminating herself and winning Beatrix the challenge. As for the men, the challenge continues up for the next 40 minutes, until Dominic, Simon, Cap and Simon bail out, winning Jordan immunity.

The merged tribe arrive at camp, and they are welcomed by a long picnic tray full of food. As the tribe enjoy their lunch, Rosita, a Filipina, proposes that their tribe name should be "Bathala", named after the supreme god of Philippine folklore. The tribe unanimously agrees. While the Bathala tribe enjoy each other's company, Rosita notices a piece of paper tucked in her placemat. She secretly grabs the note and slides it in her bag.

The moment I saw that note below my plate,I was extra cautious not to be obvious. Now that we've merged, I am not reunited with my closes ally which is Beatrix. I will only share this to her and to her only.


In the afternoon, Beatrix notices that Cap approaches every fellow American, but not the Internationals, assuming that Cap is starting to make moves. Cap then calls Lana, who is painting their flag with Beatrix, and does not want to go, but Beatrix insists she do so to know what Cap is up to. Cap, one by one, talks to his fellow Americans, saying they should stick together and vote the Internationals out one by one, starting with either Budd, who has the Amihan idol, or Lawrence who is the quietest of the Amihan men.

This is our game, and therefore, the internationals should just pack their bags and head home.


Cap is having grandiose delusions about the Americans being one big happy family, saying we should stick together. It's easy for him to say since he was on the good side of the numbers from Day 1.


While painting their tribe flag, Beatrix talks to Elle, asking if she can bury the hatchet and work with her. Elle explains that despite their rivalry, she cannot just let the Americans be united while they are not. Elle shakes Beatrix's hand, but Elle has other plans.

Quote1Hey Elle.Quote2- Beatrix
Quote1What's up, Bea?Quote2- Elle
Quote1You and I have unfinished business to settle, but will you be willing to work with me for the time being?Quote2- Beatrix
Quote1Once the Americans are done for, that's when we're gonna settle this rivalry? I'm up for it. For the Internationals.Quote2- Elle
Beatrix asked me if I am with the Internationals. I shook her hand, but in my mind, I said, if my fellow internationals have enough numbers, we no longer need Beatrix, so it will be easier to vote her out in the long run. The great thing about it is, she is obviously a threat, while I'm not, so the crosshairs are on her and not on me.


At sundown, Beatrix talks to Budd about Cap banding the Americans together.

Quote1I saw Cap talking to every American here.Quote2- Beatrix
Quote1Do you think the other Americans would want to work with him, though?Quote2- Budd
Quote1I don't think so, because Emily, Lana and Cataleya all hate Cap.Quote2- Beatrix
Quote1Do you think we should enforce a tie?Quote2- Budd
Quote1Hmmm. I'll ask Lana later tonight. She openly states her dislike of Cap, and she is the person I trust the most on the other side. You still have the idol, right?Quote2- Beatrix
Quote1Yes, I do.Quote2- Budd
Quote1Okay. Just in case they are gunning for you, which is most likely, you know what to do. Right now, I can't get a good read on Elle, so if that's the case, we can get the American girls on our side.Quote2- Beatrix
Right now, the tribes are even, Americans at six, Internationals at six. If the tribe is to go to Tribal tonight, it will be a stalemate. I have to figure out how to break this tie because I never liked the idea of drawing rocks.


Day 22

Morning at Bathala, over breakfast, Lana confesses to Cap that she is not really up for an all-American alliance, telling him outright she deems him untrustworthy. Simon overhears their argument and angrily tells her they have to stick together if they are to win against the Internationals. Beatrix secretly smiles, feeding off the confrontation. Seeing the drama between the Americans, Jordan and Elle approach Cap, saying that they are willing to work with him, saying that Budd and Beatrix are a powerful couple and has to be split apart, though Cap says Lana and Cataleya are too. Cap regroups his alliance: Himself, Simon, Dominic, Elle and Jordan. Meanwhile, Beatrix also does the same thing: Herself, Budd, Rosita, Lawrence, Lana and Cataleya. Both parties are fighting over one swing vote: Emily, who is apparently detached since the reward.

I have been very distant to everybody right now, since we won the Reward Challenge. I felt very uncomfortable, and my head's not in the game. I am very preoccupied by my mom's condition at this point. I want to win so badly, but reading that letter dad gave me was very disturbing.


The afternoon before Tribal Council, both parties try to talk strategy with Emily, but she continues to avoid them and asks them to leave her alone. Beatrix proposes that if Emily continues to not cooperate, they would rather vote her out than give her the chance to flip.

Emily is acting a little weird since the Reward Challenge. She seems detached and lonesome, as if something's bothering her.


After reading her letter, Emily has been very fixated about her mom's condition. She's either thinking of which side to go in terms of strategy, and she's just putting up a face to conceal it, or she is genuinely planning to leave the game on her own because she is so scared of her mom's health. We are going to Tribal Council, having no idea how tonight's Tribal Council is going to be.


At Tribal Council, Lana and Cap continue to go at each other about the former not wanting to join his alliance, saying she was ostracized for a mistake she committed in Day 1 and hasn't gotten over since. Simon tells her that is she sides with the Internationals, it won't take long before she goes home too. Beatrix laments their situation, as they are about to vote with uncertainty. As Jeff asks the tribe to vote, Emily openly tells her situation to the tribe, recalling her time during the previous Reward Challenge, saying that her mother's health is not getting any better, and she has been preoccupied by it. Much to her regret, Emily volunteers to leave the game to tend for her ailing mother, saying she wanted to win badly, but she cannot afford having her mom bedridden without her by her side. Jeff allows Emily to leave, expressing his compassion for her. As Jeff snuffs Emily's torch, Jeff tells them the vote will be called off, and reminds them that despite the Internationals having the numbers advantage, anything can still happen in the game.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
No Vote
Emily Watson

Final Words

My Survivor experience is amazing. Me quitting the game, well, I kinda regret it but the same time, I don't. I wanted to play, just that, my head's not in a good place, and I am looking forward to see my mom again.

–Emily Watson

Next Time on Survivor

  • More alliance whiplashes, incoming!
  • With the Americans not getting it together, Simon loses it.
  • Rosita wants to share her idol clue to Beatrix, but she starts to become suspicious of Lana, who is becoming Beatrix's new "number two."

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