"Your Days Are Numbered"
Round 1 A game of shuffleboard determines immunity
Season Survivor: Madagascar
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 8/13
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This is the 8th episode of Survivor: Madagascar

Previously On Survivor...

The tribes merged after Rikku's elimination. Bobby won a clue to the hidden immunity idol, which he later found on his own. Carly and Nicholas teamed up and decided they could play both sides. In the end, they chose to stick with Baobab and Hanson was voted out 6-4.


Reward Challenge: House of Cards
The three castaways would use 150 wooden tiles to build a house of cards. The first two castaways to build a tower to a height of 8 feet (2.4 m) would remain in the game.
Reward: A secret message to be opened in private. (An extra vote at the next tribal council.)
Winner: Antonia

Immunity Challenge: Madagascar Shuffleboard
The castaways would play a version of shuffleboard. Each castaway would be given three pucks which they would try to slide closest to the target. The castaway whose puck ends up closest to the target wins immunity.
Winner: Carly


Night 21

The 9 remaining sims returned to their cave. Elsa was on the verge of crying.

I thought we had it. I didn’t expect it to be anyone. Let alone Hanson. He was one of my closest friends. Damn it. Nicholas betrayed us, and were all screwed.


Antonia: "Hey you alright?"
Elsa: "Yeah, Im just upset. Wish it wasn’t him. But what can we do now?"
Antonia: "We just have to keep fighting I guess."

I tried my best to get Carly on our side. But she chose her side and sealed her fate. And ours too I guess.


While the old Fossa’s moped. The Baobabs were rejoicing.

Jessica: "Guys we did it, it’s us 5 and Nick to the top 6!"
Drew: "They did not see it coming."
Bobby: "Poor Elsa is crying."
Jessica: "Yeah I feel bad for her; she is really going to be crying when she is the last Fossa standing! HAHA."

Day 22

The Rooster wakes up the 9 remaining survivors. Which annoys some.

Jessica: "Hey Carly, whats worse? The Rooster’s wakeup call or Sherbert’s?"
Carly: "HaHa, very funny. I think I’d rather have Sherbert back than this rooster."

Then they head to the reward challenge.Jeff Probst explains the reward challenge, and it gets underway.

Corey, Bobby and Jessica start by building a large, sturdy base. Jeff warns them of using too many tiles. Conversly, Elsa, Carly and Nicholas hastily make a small, weak base, which seems unlikely to hold many tiles. Drew, Antonia and Julian seem to use the perfect amount of tiles on their bases.

Speed wise, Bobby, Nicholas and Julian stack their tiles quickly, wanting to get a lead on the other opponents. Jessica, Carly and Drew seem to be stacking too slowly. Corey, Elsa and Antonia go at an in-between pace.

After about 4 feet, Nicholas's tower falls. He swears and then starts again, this time, making a stronger base.

When Julian's tower is 6 feet, his tower falls because he is stacking to fast.

Corey's tower gets 5 feet tall, he runs out of tiles.

Jessica runs out of tiles moments later, her tower is 5 and a half feet tall. She goes to remove some from her base and her tower collapses. Corey punches his tower in frustration because he cannot get more tiles from his base either.

Bobby runs out of tiles at 6 feet. He goes to restart his tower but sees that he is probably out of the contest now.

Elsa, with a base too weak, has her tower crash down at 7 feet. Carly's tower begins to shake, it falls as well.

At this point, Antonia's tower is 7 and a half feet, she is the closest, Drew's tower is 7 feet, he starts to move quicker. Everyone else begins to slow down and watch the two stack. Hoping both their towers fall but thinking it unlikely.

Drew moves too quickly, his tower falls when he reaches 7 and a half feet. Antonia sighs in relief and moves slower. She has a 4 foot lead over the closest threats Nicholas and Julian.

She is shaking but places her last tile vertically to surpass 8 feet. Antonia wins reward!

The survivors return to camp anxious about Antonia's win.

I wanted that win so bad! I messed up by overthinking the base. I ran out of tiles! I should've expected that!


When they get back, Antonia goes and reads her mystery note. She reads that she can cast 2 votes at the next tribal council.

I am ecstatic about this extra vote! This might be a game changer! If I can get anyone to flip, we can turn this game around!


She goes to tell Elsa and Julian her good news.

Julian: "So tell, whats with this note?"
Antonia: "Ok, I've got an extra vote at the next tribal council!"
Elsa: "What!?! That's insane! We might have a shot now!"
Antonia: "I know! But we'd need someone to join our side or at least mess up like Rikku. Anyone have an idea? I bet Carly is not switching now."
Julian: "We are just going to have to observe. There has to be a crack in that alliance!"

As much as I want us to be able to break the Baobab alliance, I don't think we will. We got lucky with Rikku before, but now, I think our chances are slim.


The Baobab alliance is busy discussing what Antonia's secret message could be.

Bobby: "Its probably just another idol clue."
Carly: "I doubt it, 4 idols? That would be insane."
Drew: "This game is anything but sane."
Corey: "Maybe its an advantage at the immunity challenge."
Jessica: "Whatever it is, I don't like it. If Antonia doesn't win immunity lets just vote her out. That will solve the problem real quick."

Antonia is a threat just like every other Fossa member. I like her but now I think she has to go first. That secret could be anything.


Jessica is calling all the shots out here. When all the Fossa's are gone, she must go to or she'll beat us all!


Day 23

The survivors awake again to the roosters wakeup call.

Carly: "God Damn! This rooster is more annoying than Sherbert's singing."
Nicholas: "I am sick of it too! Who wants eggs & chicken for breakfast?"
Drew: "Sounds delicious."
Nicholas: "Alright, I'll be right back with some rooster, I need someone to pluck its feathers. Anyone up for it?"
Carly: "Ill help ya out!"
Carly and Nicholas head out and return 15 minutes later with a headless, featherless rooster and 4 eggs. Everyone seems in good spirits as they eat the rooster.

As much as I liked the rooster's early singing, he tasted very good!


After eating, Nicholas begins to taunt his old teammates.

Nicholas: "You guys do have to notice, much like the remaining chickens, your days are numbered."
Elsa: "Can it Nick!"
Carly: "Watch your tone, young lady!"
Elsa: "Shut up! Who are you to talk anyway?"
Nicholas: "Its funny really. I was thinking, we might as well name our three chickens Elsa, Julian and Antonia because they wont last much longer on the island anyway. To think, we just ate Hanson! Ha!"
Julian: "Nick, I hope you can count. There are 4 chickens left, not 3. So if you name 3 of them after us, might as well name the fourth Nick. Why? Because after the first 3 chickens are killed, Nick will die soon after them..."
Elsa and Antonia laugh and leave with Julian. Nicholas is angrily blushing.

I love Julian! His analogy was spot on!


I cannot wait to vote their sorry asses out! I cannot stand any of them.


Elsa and Antonia discuss who they think might flip.

Elsa: "I lived on the Baobab tribe for a few days. I think that Jessica and Drew are in charge. Our best bet is to try and get Corey and Bobby to flip."
Antonia: "Anything is worth a shot now."
Elsa: "I will go talk to them! They liked me."
Antonia: "No, Corey's gay right? Send Julian! He is good looking, maybe Corey will join our side for him."
Elsa: "I like the way you think!"

It would be great if Corey joined our side just so he could be with Julian! I hope Julian flirts with him. Maybe that'll work!


Elsa goes and asks Julian to go talk to Corey. Julian goes and sits with Corey in private.

Julian: "Listen, you look like the guy who wants to make a big move. Please, would you vote for Nicholas at the next tribal council? He is still an original Fossa. An upset like that would surely be remembered."
Corey: "Thanks for the offer but I think it will be frowned upon if I made a move like that this early."
Julian: "Please Corey, think about it. Who yould you rather have around camp, a total jerk like Nicholas, or me?
Julian slowly and cautiously puts his arm around Corey, trying to be nice. Corey leans into him and mumbles something like "I'll think about it." After awhile Corey hugs Julian and leaves.

Bobby is first. I'm closer with him than Julian, but Julian kinda came onto me. This is so difficult. A move like this would be huge and celebrated! And Julian is just so attractive, but can I betray Baobab?


I'm not gay. In fact, I am a horrible flirt. I hate overly-sexual people and outside of this game, I probably would never talk to Corey because he'd bother me. But this is a game and I have to try my hardest to get him on my side. I think I might have succeeded too!


Julian goes and tells Antonia and Elsa his good news.

I'm so happy that Julian might have gotten Corey on our side! But I think a lot of what happens next is riding on tomorrows challenge. What id Nicholas wins? We will be so SOL then.


Day 24

The 9 survivors still competing head to the immunity challenge. Carly hands over the immunity necklace and Jeff reads the challenge rules. He mentions that the order will switch each round so that no one seems to be stuck.

Bobby goes first, he is too short. Drew goes next, he knocks Bobby's puck a little bit closer. Corey goes next and knocks Bobby's puck way off course, leaving his puck in Bobby's place. Jessica and Nicholas are too short. Julian goes and his puck slides the closest to the x. Elsa goes and knocks Julian's puck onto the x! Antonia goes and knocks Corey's puck way off, her puck takes his place. Carly goes and knocks Elsa's puck closer to the x.

After the first round, Antonia's puck is about halfway. Julian's puck is on the x, and Elsa and Carly are very close to the x.

Corey goes first for round 2. He seems to block the path. Jessica nearly throws her puck across the board, knocking Corey's second puck, and Antonia's first puck way out. Her puck doesnt stop accelerating until it reaches the other end of the board. Elsa is too long. Carly strategically lands her puck right next to her first one, making a wide block. Nicholas aggressively pushes his puck like Jessica did, taking out one of Carly's blocks and Elsa's first puck, which then falls off the shuffle-board table. Drew lands his puck where Carly's first block was, once again widening her block to the x. Antonia hits Drew's blocking puck with the side of hers, which causes hers to spin off course and his to get very close to the x. Bobby's move is a lot like Antonia's, he knocks Carly's blocking puck right to the edge of the star and his puck falls off the table. Julian hits Drew's puck that is closest to the star, Drew and Julian's pucks fall off the table.

After round 2, the path to the star is almost clear. Julians first puck is still safely on the star. Carly's is very close. This next round is the last round.

Carly is first. She blocks the path again. Elsa's last puck is too long. Corey hits Carly's block, his puck stays where hers was, and her puck slides just to the opposite side of the star. Jessica hits Corey's puck a bit closer to the star. Julian's puck hits both Jessica and Corey's pucks even closer to the star. Now there is a line of pucks. Julian then Jessica then Corey and ending with Julians original puck which is on the star. Nicholas is up, he is laughing. He slides his puck as hard as he can knocking off the whole line of pucks, including Julian's which was on the star. The alley to the star is now clear. Carly is now the closest with a puck very close on either side of the star. Drew is up. He overshoots the star and knocks off Carly's first puck and one of Nicholas's other puck from the table. Bobby overshoots his last puck and it falls off the table along with one of Elsa's that was on the edge of the table. Antonia is last. The path to the star is still clear. She chokes on a perfect shot and is too short on her slide. Carly wins immunity again. She is beaming.

Everyone returns to camp. Jessica congratulates Carly for her second victory, but she thanks Nicholas who knocked a whole run of pucks off the course including Julian's, whose was on the star.

Winning immunity for the second time in a row is just perfect! What's even better is that Antonia had a perfect shot at winning immunity and she choked! She will be regretting that for the rest of her life!


What the HELL! The stars must've aligned and caused me to mess up. I have no idea what happened! It was a perfect shot and I missed. Nevermind that though, I still have 2 votes at the next tribal council!


Carly informs the rest of the Baobab's including Nicholas about who to vote out.

Carly: "So, are you guys all clear about who is going home? Antonia! That mystery message she won as a reward is an obvious reason for her elimination. "
Drew: "Yeah seems like a good plan."

Carly's teacher is showing. It seems like she has to tell us every 3 minutes we are voting out Antonia. We aren't middle school students. We only need to be told once. She is beginning to annoy me.


Nicholas: "I am so excited to see her leave. Wonder if she thinks it will be her tonight..."
Bobby: "I hope not! Blindsides are more fun!"
Corey: "About that, Bobby can I talk to you?"

Corey and Bobby leave the group and no one pays much attention to them. When in private Corey tells Bobby about his plan

Bobby: "What's up Corey?"
Corey: "The Fossa's are voting for Nicholas. And I want to join them."
Bobby: "WHAT? Are you crazy? Why would you make an upset like this now?"
Corey: "Because he wouldn't see it coming and he is still a Fossa, we would still outnumber them! You said blindsides are more fun!"
Bobby: "Yeah but... We can't create chaos this early. Corey we just can't."
Corey: "But-"
Bobby: "But nothing! Corey listen to me as a friend! Don't screw this up! Don't screw me!"
Corey giggles again and Bobby blushes. Bobby agrees not to tell anyone in the Baobab alliance about this to avoid madness.

At the end of the day, I am going to make up my own mind. I just have to chose what is more important to me.


What Corey is thinking is nonsense. Obviously, they are trying to scramble. But even if Corey joined them in the vote, it would be 4-5. Antonia will still be out. I guess he wanted me to vote with him or something but I am not going to.


Right before tribal Julian asks Antonia if she wants to take Elsa's idol. Antonia says no, it belongs to the last Fossa standing and she has a feeling she wont need it.

I think we have Corey on our side. I really do, but I would feel better if she took the idol. I think she is a threat because she won that secret reward and the others are scared of what it might be. Then again, I just might be getting tribal angst.


Nicholas is going to be shocked! "Your days are numbered" HA! Those words are going to bite him when he leaves!


At tribal council, Probst informs the 9 remaining survivors that the jury begins now! Antonia is eliminated 6-4. She will return as the first jury member.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Antonia (6 Votes)
BobbyCarly BCoreyDrewJessicaTNicholas
Bobby, Carly, Corey, Drew, Jessica & Nicholas
Nicholas (4 Votes)
Antonia (2 votes), Elsa & Julian
Antonia B&W
Antonia Veahn

Voting Confessionals

I am praying to see your priceless cowboy face! My vote goes to you twice!


Long live Baobab! Hahah.


Only one teacher is good enough to be out here.


Sorry, but my loyalty is with Bobby. Maybe next time I'll help.




Nick I can't stand your guts. Go!


You are a threat. You have to go. I hope your mystery reward is just wasted.


I've waited quite a while to vote you out. I'm glad that it's tonight.


Bye bitch!


Final Words

Damn! I guess Corey didn't side with us. He must really love Bobby! I hope my other Fossa friends can outlast some Baobab's! See you guys at the end!


Still In The Running

Antonia B&W
Bella B&W


Hanson B&W


Kamila B&W


Sammie B&W
Carly B


Jasmain B&W
Rikku B&W
Sherbert B&W

Next Time On Survivor

Now even more outnumbered 6-2, is there any way for Elsa and Julian to stay in the game?

Author's Notes