Zachary Renstin
Lukep (7)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date Feburary 21, 1987 (age 26)
Hometown Stanford, California
Occupation Construction Worker

Survivor: Virgin Islands

Tribes Croix
Placement 12/16
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 0
Days Lasted 15

Zachary Renstin is a contestant from Survivor: Virgin Islands


Survivor: Virgin Islands

Zachary was born in Stanford and grew up with a fascination with reading. He was the youngest of six children, making him a target for many jokes. He began working at the age of eighteen. Zachary is currently a construction worker, who has many friends. Probst claims that if Zachary plays the game like he plays life, he just might win.

Survivor: Virgin Islands

After arriving on Exile Island, Zachary was placed on the Croix tribe. At camp, Sparky wandered off. Zachary went to look for him. Sparky made an excuse to Zachary as to why he wandered off. After Sparky wandered off again, Zachary asked Sparky for the real reason. Sparky told Zachary that he hated people. Zachary helped Sparky get along with the others, until a tribe swap put Sparky on the Thomas tribe. Shortly after the swap, Zachary hurt his leg badly. He had to be taken from the game to receive medical treatment.

Voting History

Zachary's Voting History
Episode Zachary's
Voted Against
1 Croix Tribe Immune
2 Geoffrey -
3 Haley -
4 Alexis -
5 No Vote
Evacuated, Day 15


  • Zachary received treatment and recovered shortly after the show.