Zoey Bolek is a contestant on Tlc479's Fan Fiction "Survivor: Bolivia

Zoey Bolek
Zoey bolek
Contestant Profile
Birth Date June 3
Hometown Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Occupation X-Ray Technician

Survivor: Bolivia

Tribes Salvaje


Placement 13/18
Alliances The Salvaje Sisters
Challenges Won 8
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 17


Name(Age): Zoey Bolek (56)
Tribe Designation: Salvaje
Current Residence: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Personal Claim Of Fame: Raising four children, and birthing them too. 
Inspiration In Life: Many people inspire me, those who know how to take care of themselves and care for others. 
Hobbies: Caring for my children, Scrapbooking, Crafting
Pet Peeves: Parents who don't care for their children, Abusing and Disrespectful people
3 Words To Describe You: Nurturing, Comforting, Wise
Reason For Being On Survivor: I want to prove to the world that even a simple mother from Wisconsin can brave nature's forces and survive away from my family and the rest of my life. 

Survivor: Bolivia

Zoeys Voting History

Zoey's Vote

Votes Against Zoey
1 Salvaje Tribe Immune
2 Salvaje Tribe Immune
3 Pedro -
4 Salvaje Tribe Immune
5 Salvaje Tribe Immune
6 LaTrina Jerry, LaTrina, Maria
Voted Out Day 17